Top 5 Weirdest And Mostly Played Casino Games Globally

Top 5 Weirdest And Mostly Played Casino Games Globally

This article will tell you about the weirdest yet best online casino games. These games will thrill you up, so if you haven’t played them, check them today, and let’s get started.

Live casino is fascinating and loved by all, not because it provides a lot of fun, but monetary value also matters. If you want so much thrill and drama or are seeking shortcut ways to earn money, you can try your hand at playing an online casino. Also, you can play online gambling right from the comfort of their homes, and they feel most relaxed by playing such amazing games.

What about the weirdest games? You might find it weird, but there are super weird games that are very popular and still be playing globally. Would you be interested in knowing about them? Here is a list of the top 5 weirdest games; you must learn to play for great entertainment. Here they are-

Rodent roulette         

With this suprer cool game, you can play live casino Malaysia at the best online casino portal with this super cool game. This game is weirdest and fun to play at the same time. Why is it popular? This game is about a mix of simplicity and excitement that leads to a fantastic gambling experience. While playing, get the spinning wheel, and a dealer drops a few small white balls. Get a chance to bet by guessing where the ball lands before the ball make its stop.


This game is said to be connected with Hanukkah, called a popular Jewish holiday. It is one of the weirdest gambling games, played exactly like a casino dice game. This game is played using a four-sided spinning top – a dreidel, and it is a super easy game to play with. In this game, the betting pot is placed at the center of the table for transparency. Once the bets are collected, each player is allowed to spin the dreidel once.


Another game is WAR which is also called a weird game but quite simple to play. This is a card game, and most people know how to play this game. It is one of the first and most popular card games introduced globally, and since then, people have been playing this game to the fullest. This game is generally played with a 52-card deck only by 8 players. This game has multiple variations, and the gamers can play out the game by opting for different rules, which often makes this game a bit more exciting and fun-filled.

Tic-Tac-Toe Chicken

Another strange casino game is Tic-Tac-Toe Chicken, which is quite similar to Baccarat and fun to play. Here, the players are just required to bet on one competitor to another, like the Banker. This Chicken challenge is enjoyable. You will get a hi-tech version of chicken tic-tac-toe, an electric board with some operated buttons.


Next is Fan-Tan, which is again Asia’s strange casino game. It is a traditional Chinese casino game played on a smooth surface with a cup and other objects, including plastic beads. Fan-tan is very easy to play with and has many beads spilled on the table. It will give the best experience, even to the novice players. 

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