Different types of variants of backgammon game played by people

Different types of variants of backgammon game played by people

Backgammon is a very old game that Persians started to play in 3000 BC. Since then, the game has changed a lot and this led to the creation of many variants of the game. Each variant has similar rules but there are some differences, which separates the variants from each other. In this article, we will discuss about different variants of backgammon.

Acey Deucey

This is one of the most popular variants of backgammon. Nobody knows the date of its creation and introduction but authorities confirm that Greece or Turkey started to play this variant. The popularity of this game can be found before First World War. The soldiers from the USA came to know about it and they brought the game to the USA.

There is much similarity between Acey Deucey and the original version of backgammon. Still, there are some differences and one of them is that pieces are not put on the board. Players need to introduce the pieces and then they have to bear them off in order to win the game.

Another difference is that players have the option of choosing a double as per their choice after the rolling of Acey Deucey.

Backgammon Live

It is a game which players can play online. Many websites allow the people to play the game free of cost. There is no restriction to time and players can play it 24/7. The online version of the game has become popular because of different facilities. There is no need to dress up and search for a casino. There is no need to search for friends as people can find many of them online and there is no delay in starting the game.

Russian Backgammon

The game was introduced in Russia and soon spread in various parts of Europe and then it was spread in other parts of the world. The difference between this game and the original version is that in the Russian backgammon, the pieces have to be moved in single direction only.

Another difference is related to doubles. When a player has to roll the doubles, he gets a chance to play four moves depending on the value of the dice. After this, the player again gets a chance of rolling the dice.

Wrapping Up

 These are some of the variants of backgammon, which people can play in casinos or online. These games have many similarities to the standard versions but some of the rules are different.

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