Efficient poker tips I learnt from our friendly poker evenings and applied in real money tables

Efficient poker tips I learnt from our friendly poker evenings and applied in real money tables

Here’s what I have learnt from my poker evenings with friends and later applied in poker 99. Check out some good tips every one of you can use for free.

My first experience with the poker game was during the years I was a student. I had great fellows who used to gather in a lodging room and played poker for the entire night. In the beginning I got pissed off every time they stopped paying attention at me once the cards were dealt. However, one day I did it – I tried poker and I totally fell in love with the game.

The day I graduated I could brag not only about a diploma, but about awesome poker skills I developed through my university years. There was a time poker used to be only a memory of my university period, but later, I made it again. I have turned poker into my second source of income.

One day it hit me. I opened poker 99 website and after a long-lasting research how reliable the gambling company is, I just did my first online poker account. It took me a couple of hours to get used to the poker table and rules again. Then, suddenly, I felt I was like in past, playing poker like a pro. And I will tell you why my transition to the online poker was so easy after so many years with no practice. It was intuitive and problem-free, because I used five efficient poker tips I knew from the old times, back in from those moments I used to play poker in the lodging room. Want to find out more about these tips? Here there are:

  1. Never be the calling station at the poker table. Calling is actually the worst button and action in offline poker you can adopt as your top preferred option. Actually, the calling button is the symbol of the passive poker player and he’s always the loser.
  2. Get rid of the fear to make your own decision. Never let yourself being forced by the flow. This is a game for individualities. Every unique approach is a potential to stand out from the crowd. So making a decision is a way to claim you are going to be the winner. Plus – even if the decision appears to be wrong, you will get a bonus – a lifetime lesson for the poker game.
  3. All those movies you have watched on TV where poker is played are scams. They suck because in most cases none of the directors actually have ever played poker. The tactics and actions you see there should be better not applied in your real money poker activity.
  4. Alcohol is not ok even when you are playing an amateur poker with your friends. When you risk your money it’s even more dangerous. Don’t risk your investments for the sake of a beer. Instead, play some successful poker and celebrate your win with some beer afterwards.
  5. The best time to bluff is when you have a slight prediction that it will give you new opportunities depending on the way the others will understand your bluff. If it doesn’t work, just fold. Folding is not a sin.

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