Here are the most popular poker players among the celebrities

Here are the most popular poker players among the celebrities

We present you the most famous online poker lovers in the world. Here are the celebrity names that love gambling just like you do.

Did you know that poker has been always one of the most preferred casino games ever? Whether because it’s kind of a more intellectual gambling activity, or just because playing poker makes you look cooler, it is still on a pedestal not only for the ordinary people like you, but also for numerous movie stars, music artists, TV hosts and you name it. Speaking of which, it hasn’t been a while since celebrities have preferred to spend their free time in a casino. On the contrary, among these well-known people there are lots of players we can call pros. Moreover – these celebrities are so keen in the game that they have become regular customers in some of the most reputable online poker platforms. Want to know who they are? Well, check out our list with the most popular poker players among the celebrities:

  1. Shannon Elizabeth. We love this girl not because she’s of our blood type – a true casino maniac – but mostly because everything she’s been fond of has become her professional career and she has made great results in it. At first, Shannon was a little girl keen on tennis and she has a couple of prizes won in this sport discipline. Then, she tries to become a Hollywood star and it took her only one appearance in the American Pie series to become a superstar. Last, but not least, Shannon claims that poker is her second career and she’s not lying at all, because she has already won several tournaments in Las Vegas.
  2. Sam Simon. Except for his numerous successes in live Omaha poker tournaments across the United States, this guy is also popular for creating one of the most remarkable TV series of all time – the Simpsons. Simon, though, isn’t just an ordinary online poker lover, because he has been always honest, especially when sharing with the journalists that he spends every free minute to play some slots in a casino nearby his house.
  3. Ray Romano. After becoming the most paid actor in the USA, specifically in a TV series show, Romano has found his biggest passion after acting – poker. This guy has a permanent reservation for a seat on a VIP table at any session of World Series of Poker and according to the gossips he doesn’t just sit there, but makes quite a lot of money during the breaks between movie shooting days.
  4. Matt Damon. It’s tough to believe that there a person on the planet, who doesn’t know this super talented actor. But we are sure that there are a few people who are aware that Damon is as good in poker as he is in action movies. Matt Damon actually never disclosed the true whether he became a good gambler after making the best gambling movies of all time, Rounders, or he appeared as the main character there because of his poker skills.

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