What are the Pros and Cons of Gambling?

What are the Pros and Cons of Gambling?

In past gambling was not considered a good thing but nowadays people are very active in terms of doing gambling. They have a very different point of view toward gambling. In this article, we will deal with some pros and cons of gambling.

What is gambling?

Before starting the main topic we need to know in brief what is gambling. So in simple terms gambling is wagering some money or goods in a sport or game in the hope of getting more money after the game ends. It’s mainly categorized into two types, one is solely based on luck and second needs some skill also to win the gamble.

In India and many countries, gambling is not allowed though we all know that every one out of four people approx is involved in gambling directly or indirectly. And gov too knows this but still, there are some rules due to which people are not allowed to do gambling in a legal way. It is still considered illegal in many places.

In India still, there is a rumor that in future Goa may legalize gambling for the public under some terms and conditions. But what is going to be in the future nobody can say exactly.  Now let’s know some problems pros and cons of gambling.


Gambling is illegal in many places including India and people give many opinions about this.  Some say that gambling spoils the morality of a person and a society. It makes the person always thinking about getting money without a proper amount of work. It increases crime and corruption etc. 

Now let’s move to our next topic that is


Though most of us do gambling, we still are in the fear of getting caught by the police and Goa and getting punished. Due to this fear many people have to pay a huge amount many a time to the police or some official to not let the topic expand furthermore. So if the gambling will be legalized, this money will not be charged by the gamblers and they can play without any fear of Goa or police.

This gambling will also provide the revenue to the Goa as we all know that the Goa is one of few Indian states where gambling is legalized and this small state alone added 135 crore rupee in state Goa revenue find in 2013. This money will be further used in the facilities provided to the state and country and everything will be under observation of the Goa and no extra charges would be fined against the gambler.

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