The most skillful poker players among F1 drivers

The most skillful poker players among F1 drivers

Which are the top Situs Poker Online players among F1 drivers? Find out who the best gambling specialists among the racers are.

F1 racers are no doubts, totally risk lovers. The life they live usually suits their career orientation. Some of them prefer to spend their leisure in extreme sports and entertainment, while others prefer to take risky financial actions. All of these have made us believe that there’s no way for F1 community not to have a single Situs Poker Online customer.

And we turned to be right. As a matter of fact, among F1 drivers there are plenty of poker players. Some of them prefer the old-school experience in a real ground casino, while others love the newest technologies and rely on the convenient gambling activity via the internet.

Today, we have made a list with the most skillful poker players among F1 racers without considering this difference – whether they visit real poker tournament or attend them via a mobile device. Here’s the list:

Michael Schumacher

The biggest legend in F1 was one step closer to become a real legend in poker, too. However, not only the tragedy that happened to him was the only obstacle. As a matter of fact, Schumacher was prevented from become a real poker pro only due to lack of free time. Considering the fact how many assignments and campaigns he had, it was totally impossible for him to commit to poker at a full value. And we are totally sure that people like Michael Schumacher finely realize how important full commitment to an activity like poker is. By the way, the most curious thing about Schumacher’s poker skills is that they were developed during his attendance at charity tournaments.

Giancarlo Fisichella

By all means, this Italian racer’s strongest year in F1 was 2006. We don’t know if this was the reason why he got so motivated, but only a year later Giancarlo Fisichella decided to play some poker. And guess what – he was kind of amazing in this initiative. The Italian F1 racer became an ambassador for partypoker after attending numerous ground and Situs Poker Online tournaments.

Jaime Alguersuari

The truth behind Jaime Alguersuari’s passion for poker is that he just followed Giancarlo Fisichella’s example. Right after becoming part of the partypoker events he discovered the gambling skills he had. Today, Jaime, who’s been claimed to be female lovers’ most preferred and beloved F1 racer for his sympathetic and kid face, join a lot of events all related not only with poker, but with gambling in general.

Fernando Alonso

Here’s one more total legend in F1 that is in love equally with high speed and high stakes. Alonso admits to attend ground elite casinos and he generously accepts the invitations for numerous VIP poker tables. The driver shares that he’s almost sure for continuing with poker after getting retired from F1 for good. Well, if he’s as good in poker as he’s good in driving, you, guys, have a real competitor with fast-thinking mind in front of you.

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