Did you know about these online lotto facts and figures?

Did you know about these online lotto facts and figures?

Read some interesting totobet facts and find out if you can learn something useful to implement in your lintasarea.com practice. Don’t forget that playing a game means not only to be informed about its rules, but also about its essence, origin and history within the years.

As a regular lintasarea.com customer you might be aware of the top lotto games, the hottest offers and bonuses and basically informed about everything that matters to be a decent player. However, as lotto lover who spends so much time in gambling you are kind of obliged to be enriched with some facts and figures about your favorite game, right?

We are wondering if you knew the following online lottery facts and figures…

  1. It’s a fact that with the rise of the jackpot amount your chance to win doesn’t get smaller. It remains the same.
  2. Any totobet income is taxed, too. The different countries have their own different strategies for charging. In all cases, a lotto win is a kind of income for them, which is why there’s a big possibility for some lucky players not to become millionaires. For instance, if the jackpot is 1 million of USD, after being tax charged, you will be credited with a couple of thousands of dollars, but not with a million.
  3. The online lottery activity is different in the different regions. In Europe, players count on sport lotteries at most. However, things are quite not the same in Asia, where the typical local lottery types are listed in the typical lotto platforms like lintasarea.com
  4. The lottery winners are believed to be cursed. According to a study from the previous century about 70% of the luckiest lotto players, who got the biggest jackpots, spent everything they had within a year and faced bankruptcy. This belief used to make lottery games quite demonic. However, if you see the stories of these 70% of the lottery winners closely and in details, you will find out that their actions were nothing, but leading them to bankruptcy – drugs involved, big purchases of risky luxurious goods made and so many other stupid applications of the wins.
  5. The stats claim that the biggest lotto jackpots are usually won by players who buy at least 10 tickets at once. Although, we know many cases in lintasarea.com when a winner gets big income with a single ticket, the record-breaking lotto wins are registered with the names of players, who have the practice to buy more “chances’ for getting rich.
  6. The first world lottery has made more than 3000 millionaires up to these days. It started in the previous century and guess what – people from all over the world claim that this is the luckiest place to become rich. Even though, it’s still not the most popular lotto provider at all. 

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