Unbelievable poker myths that are still out there to confuse punters

Unbelievable poker myths that are still out there to confuse punters

See these myths before your next login lapak303 and check out if you believe in them just like many other punters have been still taking them as real facts.

Sorry, to interrupt your current login lapak303 attempt, but how about postponing your poker starting point for the day with a couple of minutes? We have one crazy material for you. To entertain you a bit we our team has gathered a whole pack of unbelievable poker myths that are still out there, by the way, and keep on confusing lots of punters. Check out if you are among the deluded players, too…

  • People, who love colluding in poker, have more chances for success in an online platform. At some point this might be truth, but when it comes to real poker, with real money and mostly – in a really big tournaments where pros are invited – forget about being so eased in this initiative. Colluding in poker is an old strategy, but only few can practice it basically because people who love counting cards disclose it on the table very fast.
  • It’s very easy to become a poker millionaire only via the free poker tournaments. The free tournaments are very useful, but don’t take them for granted. They are very nice for learning the rules, as well as to get used to practice the game in an online environment, as well as to test a certain casino’s services. However, even when there are small gifts for the best players in the free poker tournaments, they are not enough to participate in big events that bring the big money.
  • Only the big pros win the big money. Even though we believe that poker isn’t a game of luck and we don’t even like to call it a gambling product, poker hasn’t made only the experienced punters millionaires. If an average player succeeds in reaching a certain stage of the poker tournament he has a giant potential to get lucky and eventually win everything. This is possible, but tough to be achieved.
  • Most of the online poker players are cheaters. It’s hard to understand why so many people believe that. There are cheaters everywhere – in the ground casinos, but in the online platforms, too. Some people even think that among the online punters there are more cheaters rather than fair play lovers, because of cases like looking for an agent or a third party to login lapak303. Though, these agents and these different attempts for login are not against the low. If they were, lots of poker players – including honest ones – would be in jail right now.
  • The biggest pros in poker are born, but not eventually made. Poker isn’t a talent you get born with like having an amazing voice to be able to enter the national opera with an ease. On the contrary, to become a fantastic punter, you should own lots of talents like fast mind, patience, stable mind and many more.

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